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01. Wozu?

Advantages of VR Training

Don’t conventional learning formats like e-courses, video guides, and in-person classes suffice?

In VR, skills training is a whole-body experience. This immersion allows for stronger emotional and social ties to the training content, and builds confidence for applying newly learned skills. A representative study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers clearly demonstrated that VR training can help establish new skills more profoundly and up to four times faster than via conventional methods.

VR training has shown considerable promise in many therapeutic contexts, including overcoming phobias, easing anxieties, and building new technical understanding. inner.i is a trailblazer in this emerging field of personal development and soft skill building through VR.

Each of our courses includes intermediate and final exams, and you’ll receive a personal certificate for completing the course after passing the final exam. Certifications by official associations and other institutions are coming soon.

We are currently partnering with Universität der Bundeswehr München, School of Business Management, to conduct an efficacy study on our methods. We are confident it will ultimately demonstrate measurable positive impacts on training habits, psychological stability, resilience, and skill enhancements. Results are expected in Fall 2021. Concurrently we are cooperating with several universities and post-graduate training facilities to incorporate their expertise into our programs.

02. Was?

VR Training Content and Expectations

Our platform excels at training so-called soft skills, like personal development, leadership proficiency, communication, time-management, and more. We believe nearly any skill can be learned using our system, however, and are happy to work with you to custom-design a learning program perfectly tailored to your needs.

inner.i’s flexible approach allows you to integrate your training into everyday life at your own pace. Individual training segments generally last from five to thirty minutes, conveniently sized to add training, relaxation, and personal development to your daily schedule.

We work with prominent experts to conceptualize, stage, and produce our VR training content. We strive to create content that is immersive, inspiring, and entertaining, all of which are critical to successful learning outcomes. If you’re interested in helping produce content with inner.i, contact us and we’ll help you set the stage for lasting, quality learning.

03. Wer?

Considerations for VR Immersion

We believe that VR training is suitable for nearly everyone as a great alternative or addition to conventional training approaches. You should discuss health concerns with your medical provider before engaging in VR training, as some sensory perception conditions like epilepsy and others may preclude your ability to use inner.i.

Some users new to VR may experience vertigo, uneasiness, or motion sickness as they acclimate to this kind of experience, and we do take this very seriously. While everyone reacts differently, habituation plays a big role in getting used to VR, and over repeated use most learners adapt to the experience. To this end, we recommend and implement gradual, carefully guided onboarding processes to ease the transition.

04. Wie?

Our Hardware and Technology

We’ll provide you with a pre-configured pair of VR goggles that can be connected to your smartphone or computer via an app. Goggles are available for rent or purchase, with considerations for package pricing and bulk discounts.

We currently provide Pico Neo2 goggles, with Oculus Quest available for exceptional cases. Given that the VR hardware landscape is continually changing, we strive to provide content across hardware platforms and independently of hardware manufacturers.

We do endeavor to support multiple hardware platforms, and in general you may use your own pair of goggles. In the event that your hardware lacks compatibility, please contact our support team, and we will strive to find a solution for your system.

Outside of standard hygienic guidelines, there is no limitation on the number of people sharing a pair of goggles. Given some time considerations, however, we recommend up to five users per pair.

For data protection reasons, we do not integrate any hardware of software into your company’s IT infrastructure. All you’ll need is access to a wireless network (and your goggles, of course).

Grundsätzlich benötigen Sie nur einen WLAN-Zugang und können das System überall einsetzen. Die inner.i – App wird nicht mit der IT Landschaft Ihres Unternehmens implementiert, auch aus Datenschutzgründen.

You have sole access to your user data, and we do not share personal data with any third parties, including employers. All stored data is encrypted and stripped of personally identifying information.